Jeanne Hardy, PhD
Principal Investigator
(413) 545-1348 (office phone)

Current Lab Members

Francesca Anson
Graduate Student

Kristalle G. Cruz
Graduate Student

Sparsh Makhaik
Graduate Student

Andrew J. Smith
Graduate Student

Ishankumar Soni
Graduate Student

Christian Sarro
Undergraduate Technician

Hardy Lab Photo History

Hardy Style Leadership. Let’s Do This! Everyone Ready? Now! Fall 2017. Jeanne Hardy, Ishan Soni, Maureen Hill, Abdul Paracha, Carolyn Huang, Kevin Ramos, Bay Serrano, Narasimharao Meka, Francesca Anson, Derek MacPherson, (l to r).

Summer River Rafting Trip on the Fifebrook River. August 2015. Kevin Dagbay, Kyle Swainamer, Scott Eron, Bay Serrano, Nicholas Colon-Bolik, Derek MacPherson, Maureen Hill, Elizabeth Barrrett, Jeanne Hardy and Jacob Lytle (l to r).

Hardy Lab Ski Trip. Feb 2017. Derek MacPherson, Ishan Soni, Yeifei Pei (l to r).

Peng Going Away Party. Mar 2013. Kevin Dagbay, Dolly, Yunlong Zhao, Bruce Baird, Scott Eron, Muslim Yildiz, Maureen Hill, Di Lin (back row) Jeanne Hardy, Peng’s wife holding Kingston Wu, Bay Serrano holding Beckett Baird, Peng Wu (front row, l to r).

 Sravanti’s Graduation Day. January 2011. Sravanti Vaidya, Kristen Huber, Witold Witkowski, (l to r)

 Elih Velazquez-Delgado with his own baseball card. Before joining graduate school in the Department of Chemistry at UMass Amherst, Elih was a professional baseball player.

Celebrating Halloween. Fall 2005. Shravanti Vaidya, Kristen Huber, Kristin Paczkowski, Witold Witkowski, Jeanne Hardy (l to r).

First Ever Hardy Lab Rotation Dinner. Fall 2005. Shiv Kumar, Kristen Huber, Kristin Paczkowski, Ruth Boadu, Jeanne Hardy Junean Brennan, Shannon Coates (l to r).

Scott Eron’s Dissertation Defense. November 2016. Narasimharao Meka, Ishan Soni, Derk MacPherson (back row) Scott Eron (second row) Yifei Pei Jeanne Hardy, Maureen Hill, Francesca Anson (middle row) Bay Serrano, Carolyn Huang, Leah Woldegiorgis(front row l to r).

Kevin’s Dissertation Defense Celebration. April 2017. UMass Blue Wall. Derek MacPherson, Kevin Dagbay, Narasimharao Meka, Maureen Hill, Scott Eron (l to r).

Group Picture in Lab. November 2016. Derek MacPherson, Kevin Dagbay, Narasimharao Meka, Maureen Hill, Scott Eron (l to r).

Sam’s Graduation Party . August 2012. Yunlong Zhao, Kevin Dagbay, Dolly, Bay Serrano, Sam’s parents and husband and mother in law, Samantha Nicholls, Scott Eron, Sam’s brother, Deb, James Chamber’s student, Peng’s wife, Karsten Theis, Peng Wu holding Kingston Wu. (l to r) Jonas and Anika Theis (on ground).

Kristen’s Graduation at the Mullin’s Center. May 2012. Bay Serrano, Jeanne Hardy, Kristen Huber, Samantha Nicholls, Elih Velazquez, Scott Eron, Kevin Dagbay (l to r).

Hardy Lab’s Attitude. July 2009. Witold Witkowski, Daniel Seaman, Joachim Moch, Amanada Horgan, Sravanti Vaidya, Jeanne Hardy, Elih Velazquez, Sumana Ghosh, Samantha Nicholls, Kristen Huber, Genevieve Abbruzzesse, Muslim Yildiz (l to r)

Synchrotron Trip. Scott Eron and Mulslim Yildiz (l to r).

Lab Dinner at Thai Restaurant for Witold’s Graduation. April 2011. Muslum Yildiz, Jeanne Hardy, Samantha Nicholls, Peng Wu, Witold Witkowski, Kevin Dagbay, Kristen Huber, Greg Tuffy, Scott Eron (l to r)

Early Days in the 10th Floor Lab Suite. Circa 2008. Kevin Olson, Sravanti Vaidya, Kristen Huber, Samantha Nicholls, (front row; l to r) Genevieve Abbruzzesse, Witold Witkowski (2nd row, l to r) Elih Velazquez (back row)


Hardy Lab Ph.D. Graduates

Maureen Hill Ph.D. ’18,
Scientist – MOMA Therapeutics

Derek MacPherson Ph.D. ’18,
Scientist – Silicon Therapeutics

Banyuhay Serrano Ph.D. ’17,
Post-Doctoral Fellow – Harvard Medical School

Kevin Dagbay Ph.D. ’17
Scientist at ScholarRock

Scott Eron Ph.D. ’16
Scientist at C4 Therapeutics

Muslum Yildiz Ph.D. ’13
Professor in Turkey

Samantha Nicholls Ph.D. ’13
Scientist at ScholarRock

Elih Velasquez-Delgado Ph.D. ’12
LT, MSC, US Navy
Division Officer, Genomics & Bioinformatics

Sravanti Vaidya Ph.D. ’11, Kristen Huber Ph.D. ’12, Witold Witkowski Ph.D. ’11

SV is a Project Scientist at the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, CCMB, at the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology, KH is a scientist at HotSpot Therapeutics and WW is a Data Scientist at Quest Diagnostics.

Post Doctoral Associates

Narasimharao Meka (2015-17)
Post-Doctoral Fellow – Brandeis University

Peng Wu (2015-17)
Staff Scientist – University of Toronto

Jun Chu (2009-10)
Assistant Professor Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Integration Technology (SIAIT) Chinese Academy of Sciences

Sumana Gosh (2008-10)
Scientist Vyome Biosciences

Hardy Lab M.S. Graduates

Yifei Pei M.S. ’17

Yunlong Zhao M.S. ’14

Daniel Seeman M.S. ’10
(Photo not available)

Nivaskumar Ramaswamy M.S. ’07
(Photo not available)

Research Associates

Genevieve Abbruzzese (2007-9)

Sara Langseth (2007)

Kristin Paczkowski (2005-7)

Undergraduate Researchers

Carolyn Huang

Abdul Wasay Paracha

Elizabeth Barrett

Jacob Lytle

Kyle Swainamer

Alesia Vialichka

Di Lin

Greg Tuffy

Lindsay Dawson

Eydis Lima

Melissa Gold

Kyle Bernier

Kevin Olson

Ruth Ama Boadu

Undergraduate Technicians

Amber Colon

Toni Ambrogio

Sam Kmail

Joanne Philippeaux

Matt Barker

Junean Brennan

Shawn Haley

Cynthia Honorat

Prince Williams

Visiting Scholars

Jorge Arias

Nicolas Colon-Bolik

Summer Students

Leslie Williams, 2015 ICE REU Student

Charnell Chasten, 2010 CURE REU Student

Jamey Harrell, 2008 CURE REU Student

Amanada Horgan, 2009 CURE REU Fellow 

Joachim Moch, 2009 CURE REU Int’l Fellow

Baharah Barzegar, 2008

Jessia Bauer, 2007 REU Researcher

Elih Velazquez, 2006 PREP Researcher

PREP Students

Kevin Ramos (2017-18)

Leah Woldegiorgis (2016-17)